Adventure 'Fragrance'


welcome to an adventurous journey into 'fragrance'!

Scrutinizing today’s perfumery practices bears illuminating insights into our relationship with nature. Asian cultures especially have known a multitude of practices of how to appreciate the fragrant nature, which are worth trying out. The adventure will make us discover, and become eager to safeguard, our livelihood and well-being.

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project goals

create cultural identity

pique sensory curiosity

strengthen therapeutic knowledge

encourage green care

establish networking


the threefold heritage

cultural – natural – cultural intangible

The Heritage

its therapeutic quality

The art of natural fragrances has grown out, and still is, an inseparable part of phytotherapy. The abundance of plant species is resembled by the wealth of therapeutic qualities that can be considered as part of a treatment plan. The use of phytotherapeutic substances has been proved to be valuable in general and for treating specific indications.


today's challenges

Due to global developments, the biological sources are diminishing, and the earlier sensory skills and knowledge fall into oblivion. Generally, humanity detaches from nature. Also Asian cultures suffer from the so-called ‘nature-deficit disorder’ which has become a popular term to describe the consequences of modern lifestyles on health.

The use of today’s widely available synthetics products generally reinforces this detachment. On the one side, industrial inventions help to save natural resources. On the other side, the use of these products introduces additional ecological and health questions to the issue.


education for sustainable development

This call for attention to the fragrant nature is understood as a piece of education for sustainable development – following and supporting the goals of the United Nations program for sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony with nature.

Sustainable development goals

connect with nature!

If you wish to get a better idea of the fragrant nature and the art(s) of fragrance(s), you need not buy and consume industrial products. Neither is it necessary to cull plants. Instead, we would like to invite you to sharpen your olfactory sensitivity and develop a deep understanding of nature simply by enjoying your natural surrounding mindfully. Asian cultures have refined this sensory practice in awareness of its beneficial effects on physical and mental health over centuries.

Diving into scents

research links

Links to selected websites serve researchers to gain a first idea of the scientific-scholarly field of perfumery.

Research links

scientific base

The scientific endeavor is based on a re-/definition of perfumery key words in aim of enabling an intercultural, unbiased discourse – leaving behind the Eurocentric premises of Western perfumery language and concepts.

Key publications illustrate the wealth of perfumery findings beyond Western borders that open up to the researcher by such an approach.

Re-/ definition of keywords & key publications


   Five photo galleries portray the wealth of Asian perfumery arts:

sites – aesthetics – artefacts – skills – resources


scientific board

This project is kindly supported by internationally renowned scholars, representing various academic fields from fine arts to medicine, and the diversity of Asian cultures, including Prof. Dr. Sebastian Günther, Prof. Dr. Efraim Lev, Prof. Dr. Qing Li, Prof. Dr. Jenny So, and Prof. Dr. Christoph Wulf.



This website is a non-profit, private initiative by Dr. Dinah Jung, and is based on long-term research of Asian arts of producing, refining and appreciating aromatics as well as on naturopathic-therapeutic experience.

Special thanks are due to all board members, as well as innumerable practitioners and professionals of all kind who supported, contributed and accompanied the adventure over the years.



This project depends on donations to be continued. We will be excited to get in touch with you and create joint visions.


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